2 min readMay 9, 2022


Lucred 101 — Introduction to Lucred

Lucred is a digital lending platform that gives you a credit line up to ₦200,000 that you can spend at over 1000 merchants

You can call Lucred a digital credit card or a buy now pay later service but our approach is different, we provide a revolving credit line to customers. A credit line is a form of a loan with a set limit that you can use to make purchases, transfer or spend when in need of funds.

A credit line isn’t a cash loan, but it is a form of loan that exists in a digital wallet or a card usually with a limit that can be increased with good behavior and prompt repayment.

So how do you get your own credit life and enjoy financial freedom? Lucred has created a simple application process that is fast, simple, and seamless. Traditional applications ask for too much documentation but Lucred only requires your identification number for KYC and linking your bank to the app (this is as simple as login into your bank's internet banking), which enables us to have access to your financial health and check your ability to pay.

You do not need to be a salary earner to apply for a credit line with Lucred. Lucred is for everyone with a steady source of income, we will verify how much you earn when you link your bank account. We usually advise you to link your most active bank account into which your earnings are paid into.

What can you do with Lucred?

You can pay for goods and services from you favorite merchants on the app, we are constantly adding more merchants on the platform.

You can pay in-store with your spending balance

You can pay on merchant’s ecommerce website with your Lucred credit

You can pay bills, buy airtime, pay for cable TV and many more.

We are actively adding features to the platform and many other things you can do with credit.

In our next post, Lucred 103, we will talk about how you can leverage credit to achieve financial freedom as a millennial and Gen Z. Till then, pls tell your friends to sign up on and join our waitlist.




get up to ₦200,000 in credit and pay back as low as ₦17 daily as interest. also get rewarded for using your credit and paying back promptly